Westchester General Hospital is a modern, acute care facility with a total of 197 beds, centrally located in the very heart of Miami, Florida. Westchester prides itself on a personal approach to patient care. Our staff of over 520 dedicated employees understand the importance of a caring, compassionate, and supportive environment while delivering exceptional care to our patients.

Westchester General Hospital offers a broad range of services that include: Intensive Care, Emergency Services, Surgery, Orthopedics, G.I. Station, Urology, Gynecology, Plastic Surgery, Vascular, Podiatry, around the clock Diagnostic Ancillary Services, and more.

-Specialty Units are also offered. They include a Psychiatric Unit on and off site.

We render a wide range of services, yet we are just small enough to still provide the privacy and security that our patients and staff deserve, making for a family-like atmosphere and working environment for all.

The Agency for Health Care Administration makes available, data on hospital prices and performance on their Internet website www.FloridaHealthStats.com. Pricing and performance data provided by AHCA is a compilation of charges for the average patient and your bill may vary from the average depending upon the severity of your illness and your individual care needs.

We have provided charts from Florida Compare Care for easier access under the categories of Mortality Rates and Complication and Infection Quality Measures. These charts compare hospitals within Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. Click on specific categories underlined below, or for more extensive information go to www.hospitalcompare.hhs.gov. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Compare Care website presents performance and outcome data and information on selected medical conditions and procedures in Florida’s short-term acute care hospitals and ambulatory (outpatient) surgery centers.



As part of our continued commitment to providing patients with accurate and relevant information so that they may make informed decisions regarding their care, we want you to be aware that this facility meets the Federal definition of a physician owned hospital. This means that one or more physicians have an ownership or financial interest in this facility. The physician who referred you to Westchester General Hospital may be one of the physicians that have an ownership or financial interest in this facility. This hospital maintains a list of these physicians and/or family members, which is available upon request.