Behavioral Health Services

Acute Adult Treatment Program

The Psychiatric Acute Treatment Program provides a secure environment for the rapid diagnosis and treatment of adults who suffer from severe psychiatric disturbances. The program emphasizes crisis intervention, patient stabilization, acute therapy and medication management. Following the initial intervention period, the patient may be discharged to home, outpatient care or a less restrictive care setting. When appropriate, families are encouraged to participate in the patient’s treatment. We are a Baker Act receiving facility.


Psychiatric Inpatient Program

The Psychiatric Inpatient Program provides intensive psychiatric care to voluntary adult patients with acute behavioral or psychiatric disorders, such as major depression, bipolar illness or schizophrenia. Patients are immersed in intensive daily treatment, with the goal of returning them to the familiar surroundings of home as quickly as possible. Therapeutic activities focus on issues of self awareness, family matters, social skills and personal problem solving.


Geriatric Psychiatric Medical Program

The Geriatric Psychiatric Medical Program is a specialized program for adults over 55 years of age and/or for patients who have psychiatric disorders complicated by a medical condition or illness. The program’s age-specific treatment plan utilizes a multidisciplinary approach, in which patient and family input plays an important role. The program’s integrative approach, which involves specially trained clinical staff and patient care coordinators, yields higher quality care and improved clinical outcomes. An important education component ensures that patients and families properly understand and manage any needed course of treatment.


Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

WGH provides ECT services for patients who have been recommended for this modality of treatment by their psychiatrist. Our ECT certified psychiatrist will do an independent evaluation and assessment and will proceed in collaboration with the patient’s own MD. The patient is included as part of the team in determining his/her individual course of treatment and is educated on patient rights throughout the process.