Medical Education Department

Westchester General Hospital is a 125-bed general acute care facility that has been serving the Miami community since 1966. The Hospital provide patients with EEG, X-Ray, nuclear medicine, pharmacy, laboratory, heart station, physical therapy, CAT scan, endoscopy unit, podiatric services, state-of-the-art surgical suites and emergency room. Additional training resources include West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital, Westchester Health Center, Kendall Medical Plaza and Downtown Medical Center. In addition to the Traditional Rotating Internship and Family Medicine Residency, Westchester General Hospital is approved to train third-year and fourth year students.

The Westchester General Hospital post graduate medical education programs offer the close knit family environment of a community facility surrounded by the excitement of all that is available in the Miami-South Florida metropolitan area. We are multi-cultural which lends enriching interactions with professionals, colleagues, patients and staff from all backgrounds, cultures, religions and countries. This is the same reason our geographic area is an exciting place to live, learn and work! South Florida offers sand, surf, theaters, sporting events, water sports, art museums, concerts, fashion, shopping and people watching! This is especially true for the world famous South Beach!