Westchester General Hospital hosts various educational programs that offer the medical graduate an opportunity to learn in a multi-cultural, fast paced and exciting environment. The Post Graduate Programs at Westchester General Hospital are affiliated with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. As a hospital member of the LECOM Osteopathic Postgraduate Training Institutions (OPTI), the full resources of distance learning, research support, and library facilities are an integral part of the Westchester Educational Program.

These programs offer the graduate the close knit family environment of a community facility surrounded by the excitement of all that is available in a large metropolitan area as Miami. We are multi-cultural which lends enriching opportunities in learning and interacting with professionals, colleagues and patients of all backgrounds, cultures, religions and countries. For the same reason, South Florida is an exciting and a “happening” place to live. There are theaters, sporting events, water sports, art, fashion, museums, concerts, shopping and people watching – especially in the world famous South Beach!